Friday, March 12, 2010

Important Dates for March

3/17 - kids can wear a green shirt w/ a collar if they want to and GWA bottoms.

3/19 - Grandparent's day - all parents are welcome to come. All kids need to wear a white GWA shirt and khaki bottoms that day. Keep working on our song as you can at home!! Dismissal is immediately following the program and class/school visit. Pick you child up from Mrs. Baker on the playground by our room. Be sure to let her know you have your child then drop by our room for some special things the kids have made for their grands. I am sending a paper for you to fill out to let us know who is picking up your child that day.

3/24 - individual pictures for the kids in K4. These are pre-pay and envelopes are going home soon. The kids having a picture made can wear nice clothes rather than a uniform that day.

3/25 - class picture for everyone and everyone has to be in uniform for this.

Next week we will do many fun St. Patrick's activities, work with the letter Xx and number 24. I still have many kids who have trouble identifying the numbers and we need to know them 1-25 this year. Report cards go home soon so I am still working on testing these skills. When the report cards go home, take some time to see what we are looking for so you will know where the kids need to be for next year.

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