Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter and Spring Report Cards

Today the report cards are in the kids' folders. Take a little time to see which skills we are working on and notice the ones they need a little extra help on between now and next fall.

The kids are enjoying the sight word games we have been playing. They can practice putting their sight words in sentences at home too by writing them on note cards and spreading them on the floor or table. Take turns pointing to different words or arranging them to make a sentence and then let them make a sentence for you. We talked about the letter Yy. Many of the kids still want to say that Y says ("w") and they do that for all of the letters that have letters names that start with a different sound. Some will tell me that S says ("e") -(short e sound). We talked about "s" on the end of many words meaning more than one and did a spring book that showed examples of this.

We have been practicing w/ all of the letters and sounds we have learned including both vowel sounds. I will say..."if you have a long e in your first name (Reese), line up" and then go through all of the vowel sounds. They are tricky but I want them to be familiar with them. Our letter will be Zz and we will talk about 26 letters in the alphabet.

Next week we will continue to do spring activities and do some Easter activities as well.
There is NO SCHOOL on Friday 4/2. We will have Spring Break and then return to school on 4/12.

We will be working on our spring play and more information will go home about this soon. The play will be Thursday 5/6. Time is not known yet but usually they are around 9:00.

Have a great weekend. ONLY 32 days left of school after next week!!

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