Thursday, April 22, 2010

Puppy Tales - The last week of April, 2010!

The Wild Wild (and getting Wilder) West! We will have many fun activities this week that will get us ready for our Western Day on Thursday 4/29! On Western Day, the kids may wear jeans or a jeans skirt if they would like. If he/she has cowboy boots, they may wear those. Hats and bandannas are also fine. We will be having a fun time that day on the tennis courts rotating to different stations for a variety of western activities!

Friday will be our day to go on the ZOO field trip! More information will go home about that. Parents will meet us there and can follow the bus if they would like. Kids have to ride the bus to the zoo but as soon as we get there I will give them to you and you can "do the zoo" on your own or with some friends. All of my kids have a sweet mom, dad or grandparent meeting us there so I know they will all have a special time there. You will take your own child with you when you leave the zoo. I will not count on seeing any of you again unless we happen to run into each other.

Our play is really shaping up! Keep working on those lines! We have a big group practice on Wednesday so they really need to know them by then. The play is May 6th at 9:00. It will be in the lower gym where the Thanksgiving play was.

Field Day (my own personal favorite day of the year at GWA!!) is the next day May 7th. Be thinking about sun screen - which you will apply before school that day - and water-type shoes. NO SOCKS will be worn that day. Each child will need a towel! Try to come down to the football field to watch. It will make you glad you have your child at GWA!! School is over after field day ends - around 11:30! ALL PARENTS NEED TO PICK UP THEIR CHILD AT THE FOOTBALL FIELD BY 11:00. Mrs. Baker and I will have your child so let us know before you take him/her. THERE IS NO CARPOOL THAT DAY! You will see why. There will however be cars everywhere so you may want to just come and stay with us for the day. Little sibblings are welcome to watch but can not participate in any of the games. The senior class at GWA runs all fo the games and everythings runs like clockwork. There is no extra time for little sibblings to "have a turn". We would love to have them come cheer though.

22 Days left with the Puppy Pals!

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