Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abe, George and the Olympics!

We have been learning about the Olympics this week and keeping close tabs on the medal count! We made a class book about what sports we would like to participate in if we were in the Olympics as well as two emergent readers for them to practice reading at home. One of them uses color words. Keep up the great work on sight word practice. These are some of the words that the K5 teachers will send home for them to learn over the summer. The sight words are on the blog if you scroll down.

We also have been learning about Abe and George. We practiced with coins. We worked on recognizing them and counting them. It is great practice to have them count coins at home! Some of our kids still need to work on identifying and writing their numbers. They should be able to identify and write 0-20! Please help them practice these so they can stay on top of things.

Next week we will begin our Weather unit! We will work on the letter Uu and the number21. Our special snack helper next week is Grayson!

The BOOK FAIR is next week! We will go preview the books on
Monday. We are shopping on Wednesday at 9:30 and you are welcome to come. If it more convenient for you to come grab them at carpool time, you can do that too. Whenever you can come is fine. You don't have to come, but if you want to that would be great!

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